Blended Whiskey | Table Blend No. 1

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American Blended Whiskey

United States



Sabbatical Distillery


An elevated blend of Sabbatical whiskeys designed for easy drinking at your table of choice. This uniquely smooth yet complex blend features a clean cut bourbon base with distinctly rich cherrywood and peat smoked American single malt whiskey for added character. Non chill filtered. No artificial coloring or blending materials. Just delicious whiskey.

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Photo for: Shirley  Brooks

Shirley Brooks

Bartender at Madrone Art Bar

Mixing whiskey

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Notes of straw and honey. Hot on the start but then neutral. Lightly sweet. Very straightforward with notes of spice and oak. Finishes smooth

Photo for: Nora  Furst

Nora Furst

Beverage professional with roots in SF and The PNW

An elegant sipper for highballs and appetizers

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Notes of sawdust, new oak, milk chocolate, cherry, stone fruit, and hazelnut

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