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How to make a Gin Smartee with Quench Tank Gin

Missouri’s Blacksmith Distillery quenches the cocktail thirst with their award-winning recipe the Gin Smartee.

In the Midwestern region of the United States lies Missouri, the home of one of the country’s most-loved writer, Mark Twain. It is also the state that gave the world Budweiser, and one that knows how to make delicious ribs. It is also the home state of Eminem, one of the greatest artists the world of music has ever witnessed. In 2021, Missouri also got recognized as a state that delivers good spirits, with Blacksmith Distillery’s win at the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards. 


The distillery is now run by a third-generation distiller and is a family project and product carved with a passion and love for the craft of spirits distilling. A passion and love that has been handed down by Michael J. Broker, the man of many talents who founded Blacksmith Distillery almost a lifetime ago. Michael was a blacksmith, farmer, sawmill smith and brewer apart from also being a distiller and he handed down the reins of the distillery to his son, Michael J. Broker Jr. Today, the distillery follows the ideology Michael Sr. started all those years ago, distilling with the same passion with newer tools and techniques. 

At the 2021 Bartender Spirits Awards, Blacksmith Distillery had three spirits among the winners. The Bartender Spirits Awards is an annual spirit judging competition judged by the biggest bartenders, bar managers and spirits buyers of the American on-premise industry. The aim of the competition is to recognize the best spirits in the world, ones that can add something new to the bars and restaurant lists. The three criterias on which the spirits are judged are quality, value and packaging. 

Blacksmith Distillery

Spirits from Blacksmith Distillery, Source Website

The winners from Blacksmith Distillery were Quench Tank Gin, Iron Forge Corn Whiskey and Black Anvil Bourbon Whiskey. 

Quench Tank Gin

Made from 100% Missouri corn vodka base, the Quench Tank Gin isn’t an average London Dry. The gin was awarded 89 points at the competition which resulted in a silver medal. The gin has a herbaceous nose with peppery greens, orange rind and coriander. The gin is made from a unique blend of botanicals, like sugar snap peas, cucumber, mint and cilantro. This unique blend makes Quench Tank Gin a great base for cocktails. 

To try Quench Tank Gin as a part of a cocktail, opt for the Gin Smartee. Here’s how to mix it up.


  • 2 oz Blacksmith Distillery Quench Tank Gin
  • 1 oz Blue Kinky Vodka
  • 1 oz Pink Kinky Vodka
  • Splash Cranberry juice
  • Splash Pineapple juice
  • Splash Sprite/7up

Iron Forge Corn Whiskey

The first spirit to ever be distilled at Blacksmith Distillery, Iron Forge Corn Whiskey was also among the silver medal winners with a score of 83 points. A young and sweet whiskey with a round body, Iron Forge Corn Whiskey is made from an original recipe that Grandpa Mike and Uncle Johnny developed years ago. The recipe has undergone very few tweaks since it was created and is a sweet, mellow and smooth drinking whiskey.

Header Image- Blacksmith Artisanal Spirits, Source Facebook

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