California will be reopening soon

We are all set to walk into our favorite bars and restaurants once again, without restrictions.

California's anticipated reopening is finally here, permitting consumers to begin getting back to a feeling of normalcy after over a year of pandemic restrictions.

The state is ditching the color-coded reopening system. All counties, regardless of how high or low the coronavirus transmission is, will be allowed to reopen all at the same time. All those lifted restrictions are at the state level. Counties, cities, and local businesses still have the right to set their own capacity limits or other rules as they see fit.

As per Desert Sun, more than 51% of Californians were fully vaccinated as of Monday, with about 70% of residents receiving at least one dose. Daily COVID-19 cases continue to decrease to numbers not seen since before the peak of the pandemic. To put this into perspective, there are 3,692,506 cases,a total of 1.7 new cases per 100K, Deaths 62,499 total 0.04 new deaths per 100K, Tests 67,013,912 total 0.7% test positivity, Vaccines Administered 38,862,508 total. 

California’s COVID-19 state of emergency order will remain in place beyond June 15, despite plans to fully reopen the state’s economy on that date, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday. 
The state of emergency declaration — issued in early March 2020, when coronavirus cases started to mushroom statewide — gives Newsom and health officials broad authority to temporarily impose new rules and restrictions, a power they have exercised numerous times throughout the pandemic. But even with California enjoying the lowest COVID-19 case rate of any state and hospitalizations near record lows, the danger has not passed, the governor said. “We are still in a state of emergency. This disease has not been extinguished. It has not vanished. It is not taking the summer months off,” he said.

Here is what Californians can expect, according to guidance released by the California Department of Public Health:

Restaurants, bars, retail stores, theaters, amusement parks, places of worship, hotels, and entertainment centers may return to usual operations. This means there will be no restrictions on capacity limitations, and social distancing will no longer be required for attendees, customers, and guests.

Fully vaccinated individuals will not need to wear face coverings in most indoor and outdoor settings. However, they will still be required to wear a mask on planes, buses, trains, airports, and transportation stations.
Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals will be required to wear facial coverings outside of their homes.

For Big Events - 

Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test will be required for indoor events with more than 5,000 attendees and recommended for outdoor events with more than 10,000 attendees, through Oct. 1, according to state public health.

A vaccination card, a photo of a vaccination card, or documentation of vaccination from a health care provider can be used to show proof of vaccination. 
A COVID-19 test must be conducted 72 hours before an event. A printed document, email, or text message displaying the test results must be shown.

"Businesses and venue operators may also utilize self-attestation at point of registration, during ticket purchase or on the day of the event before entry into the venue," according to the state.

In short, pretty much everything will be allowed to go back to normal. There won't be any required capacity limits, no more physical distancing, and much looser mask mandates.

All your favorite restaurants, bars, retail stores, theatres, hotels, everything will be open for you to recharge your social life and you can hang out freely with your friends in the places you love. There are some amazing restaurants, bars, and pubs that you can visit with your friends as soon as the state reopens. 

Follow the few rules in place, be safe, step out and live again!

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